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A handmade collection designed in Turin!


The company BE2BE S.R.L., was established in 2016 in Turin, from the professional fusion between Gian Vittorio Ceretta, CEO and founder who has over 20 years of experience in private label for the biggest names in the textile companies; and Gaurav Chanana, Purchasing and Trade Union Manager who relates with all Italian and foreign workshops.

Marzia Massaro, the Designer is responsible for the creative and graphic part; she has always been part of the accessories and textile world for various Piedmontese realities.

The team is completed by our Sales Manager for Italy and abroad, Prema Velangani, whose task is relating with our agents, but above all communicating with our numerous stores.


The success of the collections created for “be to be”, continues, hence creating the need for its own new brand, that is very attentive to the market trend and needs in the world of accessories.

ordi.to, is a collection of scarves and accessories, created and inspired from the love and passion for vintage prints, always in search for old foulards, books, antique tiles, embroideries, postcards and whatever can be transferred on fabric. A collection that arouses our emotions, proposes new designs, research for fabrics and an eye for minute details every season.

Every season our scarves tell new “stories” of landscapes, images, colours, journeys around the globe, but also of traditions and handcrafts.

In fact while the design, creation and taste is totally Made in Italy, our production is in the hands of skilled Indians, whose know-how has always been based on prints, hand embroideries and fabrics that bring to life a unique and precious product.

Each season ordi.to recounts new atmospheres, combinations and plots without forgetting the importance of the prices and a good position amongst our Italian and foreign competitors and the presence of basic items that offer a varied and complete choice for men and women.


What more can we add… Be sure to connect with us on our social media pages @ordi.to for weekly post and at the next fashion fair, so that we can personally present you the collection and tell you a new story signed Ordi.to!

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